srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

IMG_0287Mutt entrance

1st_embAr_jIyar_artsrIperumbUthUr 1st embAr jIyar swamy (also known as madhuramangalam embAr jIyar since he was born in madhuramangalam)

srIperumbUthUr 1st embAr jIyar was born as krishNan in madhuramangalam on AvaNi rOhiNi and accepted sannyAsam at a very young age from thirumalA-thiruppathi periya jIyar. He was a great scholar himself with utmost devotion towards emperumAnAr and many studied under him to eventually become great scholars too. He travelled to many dhivya dhEsams and finally arrived at srIperumbUthUr. He established a mutt (which becomes to be known as srIperumbUthUr embAr jIyar mutt) in the south side of the Adhi kEsava perumAL/bhAshyakArar temple and arranged many wonderful kainkaryams to emperumAnAr. The mutt was founded by him in 1834 CE. His full life history can be viewed at https://guruparamparai.wordpress.com/2013/08/28/sriperumbuthur-first-embar-jiyar/.

At present, this mutt is headed by srImath paramahamsa ithyAdhi appan parakAla embAr jIyar swamy. This swamy was popularly known as kumAravAdi rAmAnujAchAryar in his pUrvAsramam  (before accepting sannyAsam). Even at an advanced age, he is actively engaged in propagating our sath sampradhAyam to every town and village. He regularly conducts kAlakshEpams at his mutt during the weekends.


kainkaryams of embAr jIyar mutt and the jIyar swamy

  1. thadhIyArAdhanam during srIperumbUthUr srI AdhikEsava perumAL srI bhAshyakAra swamy brahmOthsavam/uthsavam
  2. emperumAnAr visits the mutt during 9th day of chithrai thiruvAdhirai thiruvavathAra uthsavam
  3. srI Adhi kEsava perumAL, ANdAL and emperumAnAr visit on thiruvAdi pUram – ANdAL thiunakshathram day.
  4. 1st embAr jIyar swamy thirunakshathram celebrations – dhivya pranandha sEvAkAlam, sARRumuRai and thadhIyArAdhanam.
  5. thiruppAvai sEvAkAlam, sARRumuRai, upanyAsam during mArgazhi month.
  6. thadhIyArAdhanam for devotees during monthly thiruvAdhirai celebrations.
  7. Daily thiruvArAdhanam and naivEdhyam for mutt perumALs.
  8. Releasing of sampradhAyam related books.
  9. jIyar swamy performing kAlakshEpam and arranging of upanyAsams by scholars at the mutt.
  10. jIyar swamy participating in propagation of our sampradhAyam, temple renovations, etc. regularly.
  11. Participating in dhivya prabandha sEvAkAlam at the temple.
  12. Participating in daily suprabhAtha dharsan at the temple.
  13. Facilitating dhivya prabandham teaching at the mutt, etc.

AzhwAr  emperumAnAr jIyar thiruvadigaLE charaNam

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